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Mainstream Bioenergy™ is a business unit of Mainstream Engineering, a thermal control and energy conversion R&D-based manufacturer that focuses on transitioning advanced technology into high-quality and cost-effective products—all made in the USA.

Low-ash, Wood-derived Pyrolysis Bio-oil

Research quantities of bio-oil (2 L minimum) are available from Mainstream’s fast-pyrolysis pilot reactor for research or evaluation.
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The Mainstream Bioenergy group is developing a transportable, small-scale pyrolysis reactor for the conversion of lignocellulosic waste biomass and mixed waste to pyrolysis bio-oil. The company operates a 1 ton/day (tpd) pilot reactor at its Rockledge, Florida facility. The reactor is being developed for government applications, for example providing on-site renewable energy generation to improve energy security, and commercial applications, for example to process logging residues on site. Wood-derived bio-oil from the pilot has been tested in-house and shown to comply with ASTM 7544-12 Grade D. The oil is particularly low in ash and solids because of the hot-gas filtration, making it attractive for bio-oil upgrading studies. More information on our pilot reactor is available from Mainstream's Energy Conversion R&D page.